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Assistant Pastry

Preparation of standard pastry (creams, sponge cakes, basic dough, fillings, ice cream, etc.) that require basic professional pastry skills.

Responsibility :

  • Preparing basic pastry items.
  • Basic knowledge in pastry.
  • Good equipment handling skills (piping bag, knife handling etc).
  • Be able to take on basic tasks.
  • Must have a confirmed culinary background from an international brand hotel (pastry experience is required).
  • Must be proficient in effective tasking, be productive and work efficiently.
  • Be cost conscious and avoid wastage.
  • Prepare pastry goods such as sponge cakes, fillings etc.
  • Must be able to read, understand and follow recipes.
  • Will work in any section; the section can change at any given time for training purposes and/or in convenience to the operation.
  • Maintain immaculate cleanliness of his/her working station at all times.
  • Must be familiar with Ship Rules and Regulations (SMS) and participate in all required Drills
Created At 11/07/2019
Company Al Salamah
Ship Category YACHT
Position Assistant Pastry
Duration 3
Expire Date 31/01/2020


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